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Founded with a passion for working outdoors and a desire to complete projects with quality and pride, our vision is that hard work and determination can produce unlimited results. We believe that in order to generate next-tier results as a company, we must treat each and every project like it was our very own. With an appetite for turning ideas into physical creations using our hands with innovative tools and techniques, it should be obvious which contractor you should call.


As a customer looking for a contractor, you want to know who you’re letting into your home or backyard, and you want someone you can trust. Since day one, our foundation has been built upon honesty, integrity and dependability. When we do business, it is our belief that both parties should benefit from the experience. If you entrust us with your undertaking, it will be our utmost priority to make sure that we provide you with our professional service in its entirety.


In a world that creates mass-produced items in the cheapest fashion possible, it is becoming difficult to find anything that was built to last.

We are of the mindset that the quality, durability, and reliability of our work should come before everything else. We believe that hard work pays off, and the results of skilled work should last for years to come. There simply is no substitute for quality work.


When you call Charlton Construction, you are calling a team of hardworking tradesmen who love their job and get up each day to perfect their skills and overcome new challenges. Our line of work is our craft and there’s nothing we'd rather do. We like the variety of jobs as well as the variety in tastes that we try to amplify when working with our customers. Working as a team, there’s no stopping us from the potential we have and the level we can attain. Simply put, we’re built for it.


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We believe that hard work, honesty, and integrity still mean something in the modern world. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the way we deal with our customers. With a positive company atmosphere, operating hours that work around your schedule, and a dedication to quality, we know you’re going to be satisfied with the results.

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