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For drive sheds, shops, barns, and even barndominiums, there’s only one contractor that you need to know—Charlton Construction. With market-driven prices and a talented, hard-working team, it’s easy to see how we are the number one choice for agricultural construction.


Would you like to find out what down-to-earth, friendly and knowledgeable service looks like? Give us a call to talk about your project. We want to know all the details. And if you don’t have all the details yet, that’s okay too. We can work them out together.

It’s your vision that we’re trying to understand. We’ll go over the general ambiance you’re looking to create and help achieve that aesthetic. We’ll start by going over materials, blueprints, and your budget. Once we’ve established the best plan of action, we’ll get straight to work bringing your concept to life.


Whether you already have architectural plans drawn or you need us to design your project, we’ll work with what you have. Even if you have a unique need or idea in the structural design, we have partners in engineering that’ll make sure the design meets your needs. Aside from customizations, you are really faced with two basic building designs.

One strategy is known as post-frame construction. This method relies on wood posts that are placed in the ground every 8ft and then built off of. There is no real foundation and the dirt is separated along the bottom by pressure treated wood. The downside with post-frame construction is that wood posts will eventually rot off and require replacement. We counter this downside by placing the post on cement piers or columns so your building lasts a lifetime.

The second strategy is built similarly to your house. A footing is poured then a foundation wall that protrudes out of the ground. This is a more expensive method but allows for more load to be placed on the walls in the case of a second story. Because the concrete wall protrudes out of the ground, there is nothing that could potentially rot and guarantees a maintenance-free exterior.

The choice of foundation is entirely dependent upon preference, budget, and what the building is going to be used for.


If you’re looking into getting animals for your hobby farm, your number one priority is having adequate shelter during all 4 Canadian seasons. With a strong knowledge of farm life, we can guide you through the design process and build a barn to accommodate any type of livestock. Hobby farming can turn into more work than you bargained for, but just ask us how we can incorporate features that will make your life easier than ever.

Don’t have much space to work with? Building up and adding a second story can work great for those looking for storage, a granny flat or room for a workshop.

See other services we offer in conjunction with a new project:

  • Manual and automated water systems
  • Mezzanines
  • Hay mows
  • Stalls
  • Gates
  • Sliding doors
  • Rustic décor
  • Insulation
  • In-floor heating
  • Landscaping

In most cases, our in-house team can complete the work. When special qualifications are required, we only hire subcontractors who have proven to work well with our people and produce great work.

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Join the growing popularity for the country lifestyle and get your next barndominium started. Barndominiums (also known as “bardos”) have risen in popularity for those who desire to get away from cookie cutter house designs and want something that fits right into their country lifestyle. After all, who wouldn’t want to save money on multiple structures and have your shop, garage and house all in one. Living space is bigger than ever imagined thanks to tall ceilings and a broad floor plan.

At the sacrifice of not having a standard looking house on the outside, you get to save on material and labor because of the simplicity of the overall structural design. There is no limit to what the inside of your next bardo can look like. Modern building designs and materials can be used or a rustic accent can be incorporated for the diehard country look.

Contacts us today and start planning the barndominium of your dreams!


From small hobby farm barns to drivesheds, our team has the construction services you have been looking for. Emphasizing quality, honesty, and integrity, we always work hard to produce great results.

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