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Stone Work

Ready to update the front of your house and add character to your establishment? At Charlton Construction, we have a solution that will outlast all styles and incorporate a natural look that’s impressive. We offer a stone veneer that is completely unique from all other brands and boasts a truly authentic look. Versetta Stone is offered in many styles and colours that will ensure it enhances the current colours of your house. Update your house with a quality stone that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

It’s your home. It’s your investment. Make the most of it and add property value by calling us for a quote on stone installation.

Common Stone Usages

Versetta Stone can be used on any structure including your house, garage or shed. Country shops or drive sheds can also have stone worked into their design. Own a commercial business or storefront? Versetta Stone offers an industrial block look that is sure to make an impression on your business image. Stone often looks best when used as an accent along the lower sections of a wall or used to highlight staggered portions.

Other uses include wrapping pillars and columns or incorporating a unique look into an outdoor kitchen. Wish your home had a stone fireplace built into your living room? We have you covered. Versetta Stone can be used indoors and can be a great solution for interior afterthoughts or even an accent wall in a kitchen because of the mess-free installation.

When you contact us, we’ll provide you with our experience-based recommendation on how to incorporate stone onto your house.

Benefits of Stone Veneer

Versetta Stone is superior in many ways to competitor veneers and even poses advantages to authentic stone.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Can be installed in any weather
  • Doesn’t require structural change
  • Colors are exactly as ordered
  • Stone appears random with no pattern
  • Pieces can be individually replaced
  • Save on huge on labor
  • Boasts a 50-year warranty
  • Wind resistant up to 110 MPH
  • Class A fire resistance

Call Now for Stone Installation

Are you ready to complement your residence with the beauty of stone? Give Charlton Construction a call. We will work out all the details and ensure you’re looked after from start until finish.

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